“Now What You Hear Is Not A Test…”


As me and my doggie-pounds Ink inch closer to the first day of the rest of our Internet lives with The Black Odd Couple Blog Talk Radio Show jamboree, I ain’t even gonna front — I’m jive (aka sorta) shook-daddy, cousin.

I’m like “what in the s#!t am I getting myself in to?” But then I realize I’m Wise Math and I’m nice like that. I’ve been told I’m an interesting, funny son of a gun and my guy Ink is definitely a cat I respect on the up high and down low on that tip too. I think this show we’re launching is just gonna be the type of joint where you realize you got brothers from other mothers but we on the same page as far as entertaining and informing the people dem.

The crazy thing about this Internet is that we hardly ever use it for all we could be, you dig? I know full well I don’t. But here we are, me and Ink, vastly different yet ready to embark on a new journey in tandem on these said InterWebz. How’s it gonna go, you ask? Hell if I know. I just know I intend to be my loose-lipped, fun-loving self and I expect Ink, in his unique way, to debunk and debate me (and maybe even agree with me) at every turn with respect and the honor of a comrade.

The Black Odd Couple will be a labor of love, focus, intellect, humor and it will touch on whatever the hell we feel like in the moment. You’ll be growing with us. We’ll have bad shows. We’ll learn to have great shows. We’ll probably even have shows where we let you call in and join the madness. The bottom line is this — we’re going to do our best to give you our best.


Wise Math, 1/2 of TBOC


1 Response to ““Now What You Hear Is Not A Test…””

  1. 1 Ronica Webb January 3, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Looking forward to your podcast.

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